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I have been at Atlantis Day Spa since the beginning when we opened the doors in November of 1994. As the founder of Atlantis Day Spa over 22+ years ago, I had a dream to create a business that would offer a wide range of services relating to beauty. I did my research in Europe and California to see what all the fuss was about with regards to the spa industry and soon realized that was exactly what I had been dreaming about without knowing what to call it. At the time the "Day Spa" was cropping up all over California but was yet to reach Vancouver. There were a lot of esthetic facilities, but Atlantis Day Spa was the first of its kind to offer Skin Care, Body Care, Esthetics, Make-up, Massage, Body Treatments, Water Therapies and Hair Styling all under one roof. Within the following few years the "Day Spa" started cropping up all over Vancouver to become what it is today; with a spa in every hotel and on every corner.



Where do I start? I have been a licensed Esthetician since 1992 providing facials, make-up, massage and body work services. I can be seen at the front desk when the need arises for some deserving sole to take a break or have a special day off. I work with my team, brainstorming ideas on how to provide the best services and products for our guests, and train new staff in the same. Together with the management team I help create the marketing tools, promotions and specials that we offer to our guests.



I absolutely love working with my clients to help them achieve whatever goal they set out to achieve. Whether their goal is to achieve great skin, or simply to relax, it gives me great pleasure when my clients leave with a smile on their face. Another favorite thing about my job is working with a team of professionals that feel the same way I do about making every client feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed in our spa.



This would be a very long list indeed but to start I would say any of our age defying facials starting with Collagen or Botinol. Our newest treatment, Oxygeneo offers the best results in one facial as it no only provides a better Exfoliation than Microdermabrasion but also oxygenates the skin while infusing Age-defying Actives into the skin. I love to combine the Oxygeneo Treatment with a Collagen Facial! All I can say about the results are "WOW". With aging skin there are many signs that show up, one of my main concerns is sagging and thinning skin. The best treatment I have found for this condition is our Tripollar Skin Tightening combined with a Hydrating & Toning Facial. The Tripollar offers plumping & lifting while the Hydrate & Tone Facial completes the results! I tend to alternate between these two treatments in order to fight off all my aging concerns.



My absolute favorite service to provide would have to be any one of our many facials. Our Collagen or Botinol Facials are amazing to name but a few. When I see the results I am able to achieve with these treatments I get very excited for the clients, especially when I know they will be taking some of our highly effective skin care products home with them to ensure their results will last a long time. I also love to work with young people with regards to acne treatments. I know how devastating this skin condition can be for a person’s self-esteem, I experienced it myself when I was younger.



OMG this would take forever if I were to list them all but here are a few; for my face my absolute favorite combination of products for day time would be: I love, love, love, GM Collin's Diamond Serum and Creme alternating with Vitamin C + Peptide serum. My night time products would be 3D Visible Lifting Serum and Crème alternating with Collagen Gel under the New Derm Renewal Creme. I absolutely adore using Active Powder Exfoliant daily then adding a Photo Aromatic of Hydromucine Mask a few times a week or whenever I just need a good pick me up.
On my body it's Yonka all the way! They make the most luxurious Body & Bath product. I use Phyto Bain to soak in the tub after a long day. Then step out & apply their nourishing Body Milk.
Lately I've been more concerned with the texture of my skin as it seems the cellulite is creeping in around my thights. I have recently started using their Crème 155 Anti-Dimpling Crème to battle the cellulite! Stay tuned I'll let you know what kind of results I can achieve.
My Make-up is Jane Iredale! I used to use their pressed minerals as my base but have discovered when I use their Loose Minerals I can also conceal with this one product and my skin has a new glow. Their new Brow pencil is my new favourite. Right now Lashes and Brows are very front and centre and this pencil really does the trick.
These are a few of the products I use. I am a bit of a product junkie, mainly because I love to use anything that can make me look and feel great! Lets face it - we all need a little help!
I could go on forever but instead I would like to invite you to come into Atlantis Day Spa and experience some of these wonderful products and services for yourself. I look forward to meeting you!


See you in the spa,
Sincerely, Judy





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