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As the debate races on to allow the use of human Stem Cells for medical applications, G M Collin's scientists have created a new formula; Stem Cell +, which mimic human stem cells.

The alliance of 3 innovative Sciences, 1 Nobel Prize winning discovery in medicine, 7 international patents, and 5 years of research and development led to the creation of a NEW GENERATION of Anti-aging products designed to promote cellular vitality of the skin and help delay the appearance of visible signs of aging.

Plant Stem Cells
As we age, the epidermal stem cells responsible for the formation of new healthy skin cells are significantly reduced and their action becomes less efficient.

Plant stem cells regulate the activity and vitality of the epidermal stem cells and genes, resulting in increased skin cell longevity and formation.

DNA Repair with Renovage
The irregularities of the surface of the skin are a result of an accumulation of DNA damages. Over time, these damages are less effectively repaired and DNA protection by the skin's normal mechanisms is reduced.

Renovage prolongs the cell and tissue life span, and improves cellular metabolism, resulting in DNA repair effect.

Cells Longevity with Orsirtine Orsirtine
is a botanical extract rich in Sirtuin-activating compounds, also known as the “longevity molecule”. Orsirtine promotes skin cell survival and Longevity.
In addition to these 3 innovative sciences, GM Collin uses the most advanced anti-aging ingredients available today, a synergistic complex of peptides, biomimetic ingredients, and anti-oxidants to:

  • Provide protection against oxidative stress
  • Re-balance internal growth factors and cytokines
  • Stimulate the synthesis of collagen
  • Protect against DNA damage Together, they optimize the cellular metabolism and help reverse the aging process.

As always ATLANTIS DAY SPA is dedicated to bringing you the most advanced products and treatments available. The new GM Collin's Stem Cell + is now available for home care as well as the newest innovation in spa treatment, the Advanced Agedefying Stem Cell + Facial.

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