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By now we have all read how skin care has advanced from laser photo facials, to eliminate brown pigmentation and red vascular lesions, to chemical peels that stimulate cell regeneration, to Microdermabrasion which exfoliates to the deepest level and also stimulates cell regeneration, to Doctor performed Botox and Juvederm injectable treatments for softening lines and wrinkles.


While these advanced therapies are amazing at reversing the signs of aging, one shouldn't forget that there are 365 days in a year and therefore we must remember the basics if we are going to sustain beautiful skin and not forget to maintain our skin with the newest advanced skin care products in between our treatments at home.

The use of a good sun screen on a daily basis rain or shine, all year round is one of the most important tools one can use because even when the sun doesn't shine there are aging rays that cause free radical damage.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. If you have been to a spa you have probably heard from your esthetician that exfoliation is very important to maintain beautiful skin. As we age our epidermal layers (outer layers) of our skin increase in thickness, causing the skin to look duller and prevent our natural moisturizing factors to rise to the surface to moisturize and protect the skin. The Dermis where blood vessels, collagen, elastin, oil glands and hair follicles are contained starts to lose density. These two factors lead us to believe that exfoliation removes the excess heavy burden of the dead cells to prevent lines from forming and also in the case of oily skin prevents the oil from blocking, causing blemishes, therefore concluding that exfoliation is good for all skin types.


There are so many options available to treat skin conditions in the spa from advanced age defying treatments to problematic acne skin, or simply to maintain healthy skin. We suggest that you find an esthetician you can trust to work with. Estheticians at Atlantis Day Spa are highly trained in skin care and have a number of professional and also pharmaceutical grade skin care products to help you choose your home care and achieve your best personal results. Receiving spa treatments will boost the results you can achieve, and using your personalized prescribed home care will maintain those results between your treatments.

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